Bts x reader pregnant fluff. In your world, everything was electronic. BTS Jealous Boyfriends (!!) BTS Reacts: S/o insecure about large chest. It hurts so good to know he was finally confessing he loved her, not you. 18+ only (brief sexual content). Before you knew it, there were paramedics pushing a stretcher into the room and taking your . list Originally posted by agustd02 Yes, he meant that it’s be better for the baby but he gets now that it’s your decision. Tags: BTS, Bangtan Boys, Bangtan Seonyendan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Beyond the Scene, BTS Drabble, Anon request, Anon ask, BTS x you, Husband AU, Father AU, BTS Kids, Seokjin x you, Seokjin x reader, Yoongi x you, Yoongi x reader, Hoseok x you, Hoseok x reader, Namjoon x reader, Namjoon x you, Jimin x reader, Jimin x you, Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart. 150 words. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. 그들은 보호적이다. Your knees hit the ground and your . An unexpected turn of events brings the couple. ↳ A PLAN | friends with benefits au | fluff, smut. 》 Pairing: Poor Single mum reader x Rich CEO Yoongi. A/N- This made me soft af, anddd tysm for requesting. pairing; jungkook x female reader. Archive. age-gap!au. anon partner. ” you pointed out, matter-of-factly, as if the argument would change his mind . You sat in the middle of Jin and Suga. May 1, 2020 — Perhaps he was just like his father. ~) Tags: BTS/ot7 x reader | Monster!au | Fluff | Mature. Taehyung x reader - AU After getting home from school, you instantly got online. Genre: fluff, angst, hybrid, bts idol au, mates, bonding, comfort/hurt, poly relationship, Pairing: poly idol!bts x hybrid!reader. » m. it’s all fun & games — fake dating au | fluff . Bts x dom male reader wattpad So you held him longer, not saying a word as you pushed him away, kissing his nose to make himself laugh, make his heart just a bit warmer before he would leave. Word Count: 2214 A/N: Fun fact: my mother’s nickname for me is Minnie too lol. Bangtan Boys, Bangtan Seonyendan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Beyond the Scene, BTS Drabble, Fluff, Vampire!BTS, Vampire AU, Vampire!Bangtan, Boyfriend AU, BTS x you, BTS x reader, Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook x you, Jungkook x you, Jeon Jungkook x reader, Jungkook x reader. Pairing: dad!taehyung x mom!reader. 9. BTS. 6k a/n: I couldn’t bear not writing a second part to this story. chaos ensues. The 1 | Anon x Reader Angsty story. You were right, just being together was completely and utterly enough. sl4ught3r3d-4ngel liked this . Open in 1 day ago · Jan 04, 2021 - Read Bon Bon x reader lemon from the story Fnaf x reader lemons and fluff by xXMusic_GeekXx with 1282 reads. Tagged as bts bts fluff bts angst kim seokjin seokjin x reader min yoongi yoongi x reader jung hosoek j-hope x reader hobi x reader suga x reader kim namjoon bts namjoon namjoon x reader park jimin jimin x reader kim taehyung taehyung x reader jeon jungkook jungkook x reader bts soulmate au bts fanfic bound forever series a cph army: ask a . Harry Potter. BTS reaction to you saying ’ i love you’ for the first time. Summary : you write in your diary about how much you like yoongi and . “Is it true?” he asks quietly as his vision flicks towards the pregnancy test and your stomach. Yes. 3 hours ago · Natsu X Reader - Quotev › See more all of the best education on www. Previous / Epilogue V1 / Epilogue V2 / Final part. Word Count : From 347 to 616. BTS FANFIC SERIES•A Whirlwind Romance | KTH (CEO!Taehyung x female OC) •Aurora | PJM . ♢ The . I was sitting in front of my husband who was about to film a new episode of ‘Eat Jin’. Here you can find my Masterlist in case you feel like checking out more of my BTS fiction. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool, for which they won several New Artist of the Year awards, including at the 2013 Melon Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards and the 2014 Pairing: Taehyung x OC (Reader) , slight Jimin x OC Genre/Tags: Strangers to Lovers, Idiots to lovers (kinda), single dad; humor (-ish?), slow burn, angst, fluff, smut Chapter Warnings: Don‘t know if that‘s a warning but mentions of unwanted pregnancy . EXO reaction to their friend (the reader) confessing after getting a scholarship overseas but the EXO member already has a girlfriend . 16k. Winners – December 2021 January 10, 2022. 5k Request: “Omg I just saw that your requests are open is t too late to request? If not can you do love 41 with our bunny” A/N: Okay so idk if you have read one of my other prompts “Let’s have a baby” but I thought I would keep that storyline. A/N: So short explanation for this: I thought that I should just share this with you. ↳ fluff, mild angst | idolverse | 3. Rating: PG. #bts #kim namjoon #namjoon #rm #rm x reader #BTS reaction #BTS fanfic #BTS scenarios #BTS imagines #BTS fluff #BTS x reader #BTS x you #Namjoon x reader #namjoon fluff More you might . AUs: Medical AU, friends-to-? AU (can be read as both platonic or something more) Word count: 1. ☁️Stop Desire. A/n: Trying hard to get back into my writing streak yum. It all seemed too fast. Scroll to top Русский Корабль -Иди НАХУЙ! Dating John Laurens would Include. bts x reader poly | Tumblr. Neither you or Jimin wanted to break the comfortable silence. Bts x dom male reader wattpad Glamrock Freddy x pregnant reader headcanons im know that he is a robot and he can’t have but for the sake of this headcanon let just say he can okay please. Writing mainly for Monsta X and NCT! | Masterlist . Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner!servant Reader (FT Jaehyun from NCT and Cha Eunwoo From ASTRO. He’d always imagine himself being in a situation with you on top of his thigh, getting off right on top of him. 1k. Bts x dom male reader wattpad Pairing: Reader x Jimin. Gifs are not mine. reactions. But what happens when tensions run high after a this is part 2 of a multi part click part 1 to read it first** part 1 / part 3 . He smiled at you, running his fingers through your hair. pairing: min yoongi x female! reader, genre: angsty fluff, established relationsip!au, married couple!au. Pregnancy Problems - Hoseok x Reader . Pregnancy is really tough, you know. BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. As an isolated, lonely omega raised by humans, you have little understanding of how other wolves live. x child reader lemon, yandere x . Requested by: @anon. main masterlist. moon with gn!reader •. They’d make sure someone was with her at all times. Warnings: fluff, baby being born. tags/warnings: literally nothing?? jin and reader are a dramatic couple, uhhh the boys are chaotic, taehyung is a cutie, kindness; /ˈkʌɪn (d)nəs/. Genre: Fluff. He pulls down his pajama pants while I slowly pull down the boxers teasing him, he bites his lips staring down at me. A certain protective stranger, tall and kind, saves you from the dirty hands of a pervert. And they act as expected when you announce that you have scored a first date. School reunion, which meant you were going to meet a lot of friends and enemies. You cursed under your breathe as you opened the cabinet in your bathroom. O// Bona Fide [ongoing] . With fatigued limbs and a body drenched with sweat, he was ready . text post. Genre: Fluff, Maybe a smidge of angst. ↳ Rating: 16+ ↳ Summary: . no, there is no in between. The very brother that murdered their . Anyway, I’m a soft binch for Poly BTS x reader * So you joined BTS and grew close to all the members pretty quickly * The members would all take care of you because you were the baby if the group along with jungkook * But jungkook loves to baby you, too * He was happy he was finally able to do the banging instead of the other way around * Some small things they would all do: “I’m pregnant” Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader Genre: Fluff, pure and utter fluff Word Count: 1. I will link it in that order though so don’t worry. Warnings: - Word count: around 250 *teasing intensefies* Request. Genre: Fluff, light Smut Characters: Jungkook/Reader. pairings: ot7 x trophy wife!reader. ) warnings: YANDERE, DARK THEMES, EXTREME YANDERE BEHAVIOUR, cr*zy!jungkook, mentions of ill**ss, bl**d etc haha be warned, viewer discretion is advised! Arranged Marriage. 1. 42 parts. ♢ The brothers & MC who’s a god fearing catholic 🌺. BTS reaction to you having a cold and they have to take care of you. Feeling somewhat insecure you cover yourself with your arms . Since it was 11pm , your eyelids felt heavy and you eventually fell asleep on Suga’s lap. Originally posted by siriusserenade-moved “Yeah I’m Good Deku, I just can’t wait to meet our little guy. First/Heated argument Part II. Could you do a reaction when Bts kiss their girlfriends neck or when she is mad and they took her over their shoulder Warnings: mostly fluff, a strangely high amount of angst,a little smut ig, this got stupid long for what it is. 7. BTS reaction to you wanting to have 10 kids. 3 hours ago · Chi-Square. 7k. Prompt: Taehyung just got back from tour after four months, and you surprise him with something to celebrate your two year marriage anniversary. yet, when you finally meet them, you are overcome with a sense of disappointment. Masterlist Key: 🔥 - Smut ⛓- Angst 🌼- Fluff UNDER CONSTRUCTION OT7SeriesOur Baby Girl🔥 ⛓ 🌼 Mafia!OT7 X Reader Best Friends To Lovers “Summary: You knew these boys since you were little kids. “Hm,” he hums, looking at the camera and fixing his hair. Remembering that Sukuna gave you his number, you got off the bed to your dirty laundry basket and pulled out your pants. Warnings: talks about miscarriage. “Lesson” [professor!jennie x collegestudent!reader] ♟ Kim Jennie is the name of the girl that has ruined your life. Male yandere x male reader lemon forced. )source station: mafia!au, marriage!au, age gap!au (9 years), 1 day ago · Jan 04, 2021 - Read Bon Bon x reader lemon from the story Fnaf x reader lemons and fluff by xXMusic_GeekXx with 1282 reads. Pairing: Tom Riddle x Reader. jungkook coming out to bts . •You didn’t want a baby shower, the parties, in general, you didn’t like it, much less that you were the center of attention. Roses & Thorns | Chapter 20 [FINAL] Genre: Hybrid!AU, fluff, angst. Rich!BTS, Fluff, Angst(And I mean Angst), Polyamorous!BTS; Warnings: Past Abuse/Sexual Abuse, Explicit . Plot: Bad Boy!Jimin as a Father Parts: Two, Three, Four, Five Word Count: 1319 A/N: I’m considering turning this into a mini series (bc I’m father!bts trash) and making a few parts with how he is during the pregnancy and maybe some of him with the child after they’re born It took you two months to realize. Word count- 1. The others noticed he was your favourite but didnt think much of it. 4k Series summary: Taehyung knows what beauty is. It doesn’t exactly go as planned when a secret gets BTS x EXO //RM x D. Kakashi x Kidnapped!Reader. (More will be added soon) 1 year ago on April 05, 2021 at 10:04 am. Genre: Angst, Fluff. Sides: ChildhoodFriend!Taehyung, Friends!BTS. Idols filled the space of the once empty, rented out club and you sat motionlessly in the far corner. ” Four: namjoon vampire, he’s been feeding on you and has started to . Mood Swings. Originally posted by taesyong. Summary- The member’s reactions to there baby being born . Another day of work had come and gone and Jungkook found himself arriving back to the comfort of home. Smut: ღ. Pairing: Jungkook x Pregnant!Reader Genre: FLUFFY FLUFF (tooth-rotting tbh) + sweet and loving JK helps take care of sleepy reader + established relationship Word Count: ~500 (short lil drabble) Your eyes fluttered open as you felt something touch your cheek. You let out a small laugh at his reaction. Cheater jin: small kisses were being trailed up your neck as jin’s hands caressed your body. First Love - Fluff . Sticks to him but he was persistent and determined to change . You open your eyes, then push him off. gimmefood liked this . Kim Taehyung. They wore masks but you knew who they were. First/Heated argument. Ongoing series, part of A Little Caught Up. Your daughter gets jealous when you kiss. @v-hope. Word Count: 1,922. Request: “If you’re still taking requests, texting husband Jin while hes on tour cuz he cant take a call at that moment and you’re excited but freaking . that is all, hope you enjoy. Fighter - Angst . He holds your gaze for a pregnant pause before he lets you go and he reclines in the seat beside you. – Tony Stark x Reader / slight Steve Rogers x Reader. Summary. It’s an illegal thing to do, but she feels strongly that this 3 hours ago · Chi-Square. Originally posted by ulookfreshlikesalad. Anon Request: You celebrate the kids’ birthdays. 42 parts Complete. Femme: 50 Finale Pairing: BTS - OT7 x Reader, GDragon x Bigbang, Erik Nam, Hyuna x Dawn, Black Pink x Female oc, TXT x robot oc, Got7 x Female oc Rating: Mature themes mentioned but not really explored. 》 Summary: Living in a rundown apartment, trying to raise a 7 year old and balancing one full time job and part time job on Saturdays was hard and tiring. You guys talked for while. “Damn. ) warnings: YANDERE, DARK THEMES, EXTREME YANDERE BEHAVIOUR, cr*zy!jungkook, mentions of ill**ss, bl**d etc haha be warned, viewer discretion is advised! 8 hours ago · Crush imagines hickey Crush imagines hickey Jan 28, 2020 · Donations - Mera x fem!reader x Diana Prince (poly) The reader and Mera visit Diana at a museum to ask her to lunch. “How amazing is that? We’re gonna have our own little baby. ━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━. Keep reading. extra passengers: kim namjoon, jung hoseok, min yoongi, yandere!jeon jeongguk, kim taehyung, im jaebum, mark tuan, wang jackson, kim yugyeom. And it just reminded you of the spring coming soon. Summary: Asking Jimin to buy you some tampons. Discover more posts about bts imagines, bts smut, bts scenarios, bts x you, bts au, bts drabble, and bts x reader. you belong with me🏈- football player! jungkook x band geek!reader (x reader) childhood friends to lovers; based on the taylor swift song LLRM S1 S2 S3 S4 (ot7 x multiple ocs, multiple ships, slice of life, idol au, college au, meet cute, like a sitcom in fanfic version) Goodnight, Australia | Poly!HyunLix. Hope you like it! Originally posted by armythreej pairing: min yoongi x female! reader, genre: angsty fluff, established relationsip!au, married couple!au. You shook your head “pfft, it’s fine, don’t worry about it,”. One day after constant begging his brother, (y/n) was allowed to meet the other members of the band that Tae was in. Your child asks for a sibling. So that’s how you spent your days with jungkook. “you have always looked forward to meeting your idols - bts. Bts x dom male reader wattpad joji lyrics inspired. original post. 18 Apr. Pairing : Idol&FutureDad!BTS & FutureMom!Reader. Having two boyfriends wasn’t a normal thing for everyone, but as long as you and your boyfriends were happy, you didn’t care. ” One said. (19. Categories Secondly he was just really happy, his wife called to tell him she was pregnant!” His eyes widen, finally realizing he made a mistake, “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. Tony Stark x Male Reader: ☁️Insecurities 3 hours ago · Natsu X Reader - Quotev › See more all of the best education on www. {BTS’s new album has me crying jhezz it’s so pretty. vhope world ♡. Park Jimin. BTS Reacts: Proposing To You On Stage (Hyungs Baby boy (bts x male reader) Kim (y/n) was the younger brother of Kim Taehyung. ♢ The brothers & MC with a vitamin deficiency 🌺. ” a blush crept up your neck as you shook your head, “jin no” “shush, princess,” jin bit down onto the . creepypasta x nineteen: I? Will?? Fight??? <<< masterlist >>> Taglist (open): @missmadwoman @jovialdelusionbouquet @sopebubbles @sugarcayls @a-noona-mous @emmmui @chimchiekookie . BTS ─DRABBLES. Too Much - Angst . creepypasta x pairing ; bucky barnes x reader (gender-neutral) wc ; 113. i don’t like drama. Jungkook intertwined your hand and left a little kiss on it. 13:24 | wc: 747 ─DRABBLES. Three songfics for “I Got the Boy” by Jana Kramer, “Molly” by Lil Dicky, and “You Had Me From Hello” by Kenny Chesney about Tony and Steve both looking back on their time with the . “Man, Kuroo. BTS Masterlist Main MasterlistNamjoon x Reader: Need a bit of help Not Very Nice Jimin x Reader: Why is it always me ↳Pairing: Min Yoongi x female reader ↳Genre: Romance (all fluff) ↳Word count: 4. humility; /hjʊˈmɪlɪti/. I watch over the breathtaking scenary as the sun . İçindekiler Son güncelleme Jan 18, 2018. tatemae; 建前 — a bts series. After a little while of trying they both start to think it will never happen when the reader takes a pregnancy with no hope and finds out she is finally pregnant. Well, depends actually” you chuckled, feeling the burn in your throat while you talked. You still are but with pregnancy comes cravings and extra pounds and you’ve decided that it doesn’t matter that much, that you could always loose those extra pounds after the Pairing: poly bts x reader. Kim Seokjin Drabble. »Pairing: Seo Changbin x f!Reader »Genre: angsty x fluff »Warning: teenage angst au ~ mature language x sexual content x drug/alcohol use »Words: 5. ten ten x reader ten imagines ten scenarios nct nct x reader nct imagines nct scenarios wayv wayv imagines wayv scenarios wayv x reader nct ten wayv ten . read on ao3. It took you another week But hey—“ he pulled you out of his chest to cup your face. You were completely focused on your pain, drowning out the ruckus of the room. shinyfriendpiefire liked this . Originally posted by jeonhoney (gif not mine) . Since a little girl, Iseul's dream was to become a famous novelist. | husband! seokjin x reader ─TIMESTAMPS. Finally you were able to relax a little and return his smile. When you take a promotion to become a member of the BTS staff, your world collides with the Bangtan Pack and you realise you have a lot to learn. Jimin x reader Morning Sickness. Alike her father, she was short in height. bts. Late Nights - Angst . “Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?” pairing: kim taehyung x female reader. 🍂 You get into a dangerous situation after a serious argument. ” . Photograph m a s t e r l i s t. More details. Seokjin: Yoongi/Suga: Random texts 1; J-hope/Hoseok . Types of Dad’s. Unfolding it on your way back to bed, you grab your phone and shoot him a message. bts bts texts bangtan BTS TAEHYUNG X READER bts scenarios bts angst bts fluff bts fan fiction bts imagine bts group chat jimin jungkook jhope suga rap monster jin kpop texts kpop "I fucking cheated . Admin: Mimi Prompt/Ask: can i request some min yoongi fluff maybe something with him being your husband and father of your kids Fandom: BTS Genre: Fluff Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warnings: None!I think lmao. bts reaction when they find out you’re pregnant but have been scared to tell them in case they don’t want it . it will be smutty af. 7k request: here // reader being the mum friend of the boys & dating jin summary: you love your boys. list . Rating: all ages ofc. “I appreciate the love but waking me up by suffocating me is not nice. manggo masterlist jooz list joozlist kpop fanfic kpop fanfiction kpop drama kpop angst kpop romance kpop fan fiction kpop fluff bts fanfic bts bts fan . Turning your head to look at them, you saw your ‘companies’ main opponents. “He’s right, Hoseok. You had a very strong need for sweet and savory flavors, but always at the same time. The invitation did say that you could bring 2 guests, you decided to bring one, Jimin. Pairing: Bucky barnes x pregnant!reader. 3 hours ago · He put you on his lap and hugged you thightly, kissining your face and making you giggle. But then you find out why and it gives you the upper hand. Summary: Y/N is a rehabilitator of hybrids who have been abused or being sold for auction. People that wanted to see the better you and some wished to see the worst of you. Jungkook texting Yoongi ★. 🍂 “Prove it to me. BTS reaction to you being chubby and going on a diet . Kim Namjoon: bts reacts! | they wake up pregnant s. 7K ↳Rating: G ↳Warnings: None ↳Summary: Min Yoongi is the asshole boss who keeps you late at work every night. Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader. ☛ This story is going to be a little bit different then the other ones I’ve posted as it won’t be coming out in the chronological order. Published by on April 18, 2022. Genres: Fluff, angst. :( Jungkook: Spoiled Brat [angst] Mixed Signals [angst] First Meeting [fluff] V: Falling Apart [angst] Pregnant The Cheater [angst] I Want You Back [angst/fluff] Jimin: Not Ready [angst] Meaningful to Me [angst/fluff] You Cheated on a href= '' https: ''. Your hand went to your belly. Reunion. 7:37 PM ;; Y/N’s house. ever. Jin placed a kiss on your forehead. You were teasing him relentlessly, poking fun at his dad jokes in front of the boys. Cast x Reader. say you won’t let go — soulmate au | fluff . Genre : Fluff. I’ll feel more wretched” he interrupted you. enjoy a lil snippet my babies! . Drag You Down - Jhope x Curvy!reader where reader starts to doubt herself and thinks she’s dragging Hoseok’s idol image down by being with him because she doesn’t fit the typical beauty standard. jungkook texting reader from across the room at a party. BTS Drabbles Masterpost. 3 hours ago · Characters Izone member, loona member, enhypen member, bts member, twice member. “I just want you to be comfortable. Also this possibly could be a series but not sure yet. Now that Namjoon has put the reputation of BTS on the line with a child conceived, he and the others must now live with their new wives, due to their five year contracts in order to keep the group together and going. You surprise him on tour on his birthday. BTS reaction to hearing their gf curse for the . He was your boyfriend for the longest time ever, 6 years. Yoongi having a bad day and you shower him with love ★. fake snapchats. Kim Seokjin. sticky situation. Stop stressing yourself too much. You swing yourself off of the bed and saunter out of the room, and into the kitchen. BTS Masterlist Main MasterlistNamjoon x Reader: Need a bit of help Not Very Nice Jimin x Reader: Why is it always me What you did was awful but you, you’re not of an awful person. I hope that you like it!) also, i don’t have a tag list, but if you follow/put notifications, you’ll get alerted. EXO reaction to finding out their S/O (the reader) is pregnant. Dom-ino’s - Hoseok x Reader. Warning: None! Pregnancy. You woke up to the smell of food cooking and cold bath water. Originally posted by you-made-me-again. Pairing: Hybrid!OT7 x Female!Reader | Alpaca!Seokjin, Panther!Yoongi, Fox!Hoseok, Wolf!Namjoon, Bear!Jimin, Tiger!Taehyung, Bunny!Jungkook. synopsis; You’ve a plan — trying to dominate your extremely dominant roommate who also happens to be your friend with benefits. requested- no, wc- 4K. Of Their shift to see person a works at a Small Airport, in an even smaller,. #taehyung fluff #taehyung scenarios #kim taehyung #taehyung #kim taehyung fluff #bts fluff #bts scenarios #BTS v . Genre: FLUFF, FLUFF AND MORE FLUFF. Just The Way You Are - Angst/Fluff . Description: Kakashi has reason to believe that his wife died during her last mission. Inspo board. → Word count: 3,739 ⚠️ Warnings: Contains cursing, fighting, mentions of body image and a brief mention of some adult themes. So yeah, keep that in mind if you’ve . Hamon Training-Jonathan Joestar x Reader; You go to England to help Jonathan train with his Hamon so that he can defeat Dio. ” BTS Reactions Masterlist Main Masterlist. Summary: When a hapless human named y/n is inducted as a “volunteer” into the government exchange program, her world is turned upside down. play_arrowpause. What happens when you discover your crush on your boss, Yoongi. You feel like you haven’t seen real beauty there for you — hogwarts/bad boy au | fluff. Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart. m. As well as decorating aka buckys favorite part. Hobi loves to keep you company on these journeys and never fails to make you smile as you share your successes by dipping your churro in hot sauce. You wipe your mouth, leaning back against the cold marble tile wall. In her family, for generations the women have been gifted Herculean strength to use for the greater good. a/n; a comfort fic for y’all, mostly bc i needed it a lot myself, but also bc i know a lot of people have struggles they deal with everyday and sometimes all you need is someone who listens and hugs you while you cry <3 have a wonderful week . “god i love your hips, baby,” he whispered into your ear, “you’re so pretty for me. Word count: 1531. Read Or Download Gallery of i cant breathe on tumblr - Jin Pfp | which stray kids members were almost lured into joining a, jin edits army s amino, MOON ! multiple characters new year’s countdown kiss gn!reader. Letting your body sink into the hot water, that was colored from a very nice smelling bath bomb, you let out a loud sigh. A/N : Please note there is a seven-year time skip. 8 hours ago · Crush imagines hickey Crush imagines hickey Jan 28, 2020 · Donations - Mera x fem!reader x Diana Prince (poly) The reader and Mera visit Diana at a museum to ask her to lunch. Take care and have a great day!! NONE of the GIFs used are mine. vampire bts, poly ot7 x uni student yn (AN: Hi, all! This story is actually already posted on AO3. Random texts with Yoongi ★. chapter one ; the first war. He lets my lips go and whispers into my ear “I need you so bad” he pulls off my shirt in a hurry and tears off his own. KIM HEECHUL. 🍂 Soft hours. Being Cute Is Tiring (Hoseok) BTS Reacts: Plus Size S/o Scenarios. Snowfall ( A Side ) rating: NC-17 warnings: well, it’s whiskey so pretty much everything: dirty talk, swearing, fingering, oral (male & female receiving), vaginal sex, idk a/n: this is a preview for a oneshot based on the prompt “you’re blushing” from @coffeeandtodd , to be published sometime this evening. Reader . ” “What were you listening to that made you fall asleep?” “Your music. I got this idea from a dream where Jimin made a ring from a leaf for me :) Genre: FLUFF (probably too much of it hehe) Glimpse: “Marry me, right now. Munching on it, something catches your eye; a baby toy. all seven of them. Hoseok shouted with his hand raised in the air, jumping around like a little kid. Cheater V x Reader. It doesn’t include our BTS imagines or reactions. Prompt: craving, mood swings, sore muscles, and nausea just what you wanted. Genre: Fluff, fluff, fluff, flufffffff . Genshin Impact x Reader Fics. “I don’t want to be a barrier to your happiness in your own family. It didn’t take long for him to knock you up; after all he fucked you literally into oblivion every single night, just to stuff you full with his live giving seed [masterlist] ON HOLD ⤷ pairing: namjoon x reader ⤷ genre: slice of life, marriage!au, new parents!au, youtuber!au, fluff, (some) angst ⤷ summary: namjoon was ecstatic when he found out you were pregnant, he even made a series on his channel for all things about the baby, but as delivery approaches you start feeling him drift away and you don’t know why. Jake Peralta x Male Reader: ☁️Need You In My Life Like Limelight. Pairing: Husband!Taehyung x Female Reader. Taehyung would be fighting back tears as he saw you in pain. Lol poor mingi is forgotten dad!jungkook bts jungkook texts bts texts jungkook imagine jungkook fluff. Tweet. I may have cried writing this piece. You could clearly remember, you and Suho had spent the entire day . Dabi X Pregnant Reader Wattpad Results 1 - 40 of 301 Dec 01, 2021 X Male Reader Lemon 1 day ago Yandere . What if he happens to like you back. Hope you like it! Requests are OPEN! AN: Some of these imply that the reader is dating BTS while others can be seen as platonic (wasn’t too sure which one was preferred) Gender neutral reader. o. Friday, March 14, 2025. Word Count: 3307. Pairing: Hyunjin x Felix x Reader. Flowers were blossoming in your garden. Cheater Jungkook x Strong Reader. #v #kim taehyung #bts taehyung #bts v #bts imagines #bts reactions #bts fake texts #bts scenarios #bts masterlist #bts fluff #bts angst #bts smut #fake texts . You still are but with pregnancy comes cravings and extra pounds and you’ve decided that it doesn’t matter that much, that you could always loose those extra pounds after the See a recent post on Tumblr from @taegularities about bts x reader. What you’ll find here: short Halloween-themed drabbles featuring the members of Monsta X and Wonho. “Hi love,” you smiled at the man through the computer screen, his boxy smile being contagious as . You slowly sat down on the couch, your back killing you after running around the kitchen all day, and looked over at your three-year-old son, smiling fondly as he . Tumblr. EXO reaction to watching their S/O in a show because she takes performing arts as a college course Pregnant (Bad Boy!Jimin) lolbtsaus:. 266 . 8k Announcement: This is the last chapter. BTS Reacts: You Overworking and Something Bad Happens To You (!!) BTS Reacts: You Having A Cute Moan (!!) BTS Reacts: You Asking For A Massage/Bath Together. All her life she did as she was told, and she was indeed the perfect daughter to her parents. Jung Hoseok. And if anything, this argument is causing you more grief than your work. seeing how sad you are, hoseok tries to cheer . You slowly walked in your garden, watching the beautiful plant you sowed last year with your husband, finally becoming colorful flowers. THE PLOT IS NOT MINE. Liar - Angst/Fluff . @caramelandramyun asked: Hey there!Can I get a monsta x . Warnings: Toxic Relationship, NSFWish, Obsession, Naive Reader, Pregnancy, Pregnant Reader, Breeding kink, Pregnancy kink. series playlist. Genre: angst, fluff, domestic, slice of life, exes au, slow burn, eventual smut. ↳ pairing: park jimin x reader ࿇ genre: angst ࿇ warnings: mentions of suicide ࿇ a/n: you guysnot gonna lie i fucking cried while writing this oh my god Originally posted by jamwithbutter. Lucky Day - Fluff . Begin again | kth. #bts #bts imagines #bts scenarios #bts angst #bts au #bts fluff #bts fanfic #bts x reader #bts fanfiction #jin #seokjin x reader #angst #bts fic #kim seokjin . Catching (Bakugou x Reader) Bakugou Katsuki was not having a good day. Angst: 💧. Fear (Of The Unknown) (KTH x Reader) Pairing: Surgeon!Taehyung x Surgeon!Reader. ☁️Don’t Let Me Drown. Summary: Aera (or really Y/N) belongs to a pack of more traditional werewolf values led by her brother, Jung (or really Y/B/N). Fluff: 🌺. Wordcount: 1. They’re protective. Pairing: Joohoney (Monsta X)/ Reader (Female) Genre: Fluff/ Angst; Summary: _____ You made your way down the hall towards the recording room. love letter from sun and moon •. Digging into its back pocket, the yellow note crumpled up and folded in an orthodox origami. (Gif not mine) Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear. I think I’m pregnant’. 6k and counting ! a series that follows the hero galvano through the events of the mcu! individual warnings included for each chapter <3. ” Seokjin asked, a worried look on his face. I also believe that the older members would want to get her pregnant with a child of theirs as fast as possible to make sure no more incidents like that ever . alpha bts x omega reader nesting Posted By: . Pairings: Akaashi x Bokuto x Kuroo x Tsukishima x female!reader (3 gym boys) Genres: Angst, Fluff, SMAU Synopsis: After seeing her parents’ marriage fall apart, Y/N never thought she’d have one soulmate let alone 4. Keywords: noona, age gap, secret crush, f2l. as he intensely studies your caricature in . It hurts so good that you just decided to let him go even though you still love him. Royal!AU(Angst) Not everything is a fairytale. First day of school but your daughter doesn’t want . Enjoy-Jin Pairing : yoongi x reader . “Y/N, stop being so generous. euphoric endeavours bts x yn bts x reader vampire bts bts angst bts fluff supernatural au park jimin x reader kim taehyung x reader kim seokjin x reader kim namjoon x reader min . It Is What It Is - Angst/Fluff . Pairing: poly bts x reader. but if In a healthy relationship the truth is always said. _____ You were always fond of yoongi, ever since debut. NOONA! pairing: kim seokjin x reader, platonic!ot6 x reader genre: fluff, humour, just lots of platonic stuff word count: approx. chapters: 01 completed ⏤ D R A B B L E S E R I E S: ↳ MY TINY SECRET | unexpected pregnancy, mistress au | . A/N: I hope you guys like it!! Finally wrote something less than 5k. Now here you were: a large party for BTS’ succession on their newest album. I was just craving some cutesy Jimin so this happened. solarsun2002 liked this . vampire bts, poly ot7 x uni student yn (AN: Hi, all! . Pregnancy Series •UNDER . Word Count: 1078. he finds it. Summary: after months of tension and conflict, you decide to put an end to your relationship with Taehyung, your fiancé and the father of your kids. after all, there’s no way the boys can meet your unrealistic expectations. “I’m quite aware, love. Yoongi is drunk ★. It hurts so good. Taehyung chuckled in between his words. 8k. Prompt: imagine based off of Small Bump by Ed Sheeran. 1k. What is Monsta x x reader pregnant angst. Cheater Namjoon x Crazy Reader. “I’m sorry” he mumbled, face squished between your hands as you playfully tugged at his cheeks. Warnings: strong language, mature content. a/n: I’m sorry for being away and not posting for so long! here’s a short drabble for the time Key — ☀️ Fluff, Angst, 敖 Smut, ☄️ Favorite, Recent Requests Are — Closed Last Updated — 3. “Jinnie, I am more than okay. Summary: Jungkook comes home and decides to have a little conversation with a certain little someone. “I’m not generous. summary: Reader has been feeling anxious during the pandemic, the constant negative news, and things she hears has been taking a toll on her empathic and sensitive heart. A giant box of fried chicken sat in front of him. Originally posted by xjialin (italics=most popular if multiple present)Namjoon: One: “What you did what stupid and dangerous and scared the hell out of me. but if you really want to be a ff writer, you have to realize you’re going to be faced with people like this. As soon as he arrived at class, he had seen your usually sparkly [E/C] eyes tearfully staring at the wooden desk in front of you while you furiously tried to wipe the words away. Two: “Don’t tell me not to worry, because I’m going to do that anyway. “I’m almost six months pregnant, in case you didn’t notice. Here’s some Namjoon x reader fluff to celebrate the occasion. 1K (angst / fluff / smut / yandere / gore) Chapter 17: ‘Invigoration’ i don’t post things like this. i don’t like controversy. Someone might have tied up said bully. Pairing: Idol!Jungkook x NonIdol/Noona!Reader. When you didn’t immediately start to stand up, your teammates moved to surround you, practice forgotten. “Oppa,” I said. Word Count: 5. 4k) falling in love with bucky barnes was surely a pleasant surprise, but never had you imagined your tiny 2 hours ago · S. Their pregnant wife is in danger/doing something dangerous. 1 day ago · Jan 04, 2021 - Read Bon Bon x reader lemon from the story Fnaf x reader lemons and fluff by xXMusic_GeekXx with 1282 reads. creepypasta x 3 hours ago · Natsu X Reader - Quotev › See more all of the best education on www. emeraldcakee liked this . Three: “No, I don’t want to say goodbye. Reader who hides emotions ; Seein you for the first time ; You sarcastically saying - Do I look like your slave? - Rap line ; You telling them you want them to meet your family ; You telling them to ‘suck your dick’ during an argument ; Reader who overthinks - Hyung line (pt. ”. ekko x male reader arcane; alpha bts x omega reader nesting. words: 410. The morning after. love of humankind, to give generously. If you were fine with it, why should he interfere. sun, moon and glamrock freddy comforting gn!reader with problematic friendship with ex. Teacher - Fluff . An aching pain shot through your foot and your eyes began to sting. 5 k. This will only contain BTS scenarios that we’ve written. creepypasta x Lee Changmin (E-Chan) x Reader | fluff, angst. slow hands slowly pushed the hem of your tshirt higher and higher and jin gripped onto your hips. Please do not read if you are triggered by any of these! ⁙ Summary: You and Changmin go to a party to celebrate your friends recent successes. J-Hope. BTS Reaction. No pads for emergency. The Two Of Us - Angst . HURTS SO GOOD ☾ | wc: 710 . Your first kiss. Our Ordinary Life - Masterlist. Rating: PG - PG13 (for this chapter) Characters: Aera (Reader), BTS, and Jung (Reader’s brother) Word Count: 4. Jimin x Depressed Reader. Word count : 613. Genre: Poly!AU; Fluff with some Angst. Warnings: A little bullying. Upcoming imagine: smut where the reader and Spencer are just friends The day Spencer found out you were pregnant, he was a changed man. Yuta: *stays silent but pulls you onto him*. Domestic!AU(Fluff) Don’t ask Hoseok if you need pregnancy advice. tatemae: (n) what a person pretends to believe; the behaviours and opinions one must display to satisfy society’s demands. The Italian Archaeologist-Robert E. Speedwagon x Reader (Y/N) moves to Italy after learning that Johnathan Joestar is in possession of a stone mask. BTS | Jungkook Jimin Namjoon | Realistic Romance Fluff Forced Marriage Taehyung Seokjin Yoongi Dahyun Hoseok. Warning: tiny bit of fluff at the beginning which is quickly drowned out by all the angst. So I think that imagines are condensed one-shots and reactions are short bullet points. Summary: Jungkook was on tour and he invited you to stay for a week with him in the hotel. If abused, however, their power will be taken away. “‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. “No, Y/N is going to be in my group. The Media Finding Out You’re Pregnant (Jimin x You, Fluff) One Last Night (Hobi x You, fluff/almost smut) . Blinded - Fluff . You knew no one here beyond BTS themselves, and you couldn’t just Hello~! And yesss, angsty vampire!au is ma thing XD, here ya go : Freesia by mintsoda [ Taekook ] - Vampire/Soulmate!AU , (kind of) Smut, Fluff, Angst with a Happy Ending, Enemies to Lovers. MC is always gender neutral unless otherwise specified! ♢ The brothers & MC who’s an older sibling, good at mediating 🌺. “Hyung, let them be in a group before Jungkook-ie starts crying in front of us. Originally posted by nctaezen. No scenarios currently for Jin or Rap Monster. pairing: jungkook x y/n (best friends au) genre: fluff ☁️ warnings: none! notes/comments: I remembered this avocado plushie I gave to my bff before he moved to collegeand it inspired this little fluff, hehe I hope you enjoy!! You stared down your two options. A/N- Here’s a shorter more traditional reaction rather than the condensed one-shots that my reactions usually are. Description: Living with your seven childhood best friends is normal and as you would expect while enrolled in the nearby University. Jungkook x Reader. Hope you liked it <3. EXO reaction to Australian wildlife . Ever since the first day she’d been out to get you, whether it’s calling you out in the middle of the class, or holding you back after class to load you with extra work. You tell Jin you’re pregnant while he’s on tour. Yoongi x Pregnant Reader (fluff, pregnant) One Shot; He gently takes the earphones out and presses his hands to your cheeks. genshin genshin fluff genshin impact genshin texts genshin impact text genshin venti genshin childe genshin xiao genshin zhongli genshin diluc genshin kaeya genshin x reader. Facebook. Shameless - Min Yoongi SM AU - Epilogue V2 Shameless - BTS SM AU Previous / Epilogue V1 / Epilogue V2 / Final Genre: Fluff Word count : 672 A/N : Please note there is a seven-year time skip. Jungkook as your husband. Just nothing to save you from dripping blood on your undergarment. Some fluff to read before bed. In one hand, you had a soft grey kitten plushie, and in the other hand, you had a fluffy baby pink seal. I sit at the engawa of our quaint little house; feeling the coldness of the winter breeze. genre: fluff. behind these walls — neighbor/college au | fluff . Originally posted by kimseokjin. masterlist. Word count: 2. • Jungkook was commissioned to entertain you and then take you to Big Hit for . (I’m indulging myself. 4k) falling in love with bucky barnes was surely a pleasant surprise, but never had you imagined your tiny Jimin x Reader (Fake Texts) I You Missing Jimin ‘cos He’s busy doing a Concert Tour with BTS. tysm loves!. Fake Dating!AU, Stranger’s to Lovers!AU // fluff “Thank you for placing your order with . content; pure fluff, some angst, jk being the comfort that he is. And I’m gonna be a daddy. BTS Reacts: You Being A Cute Mom. index message tiger flower requests about me archive. Min Yoongi. There were no tampons in the bathroom. 8k »A/N: So I wrote ¾ of this story over a year ago and just got back to it to finish, so sorry if its a little messy lol. (lemon) I love this crazy hope baby. Rain Storms - Fluff . The moment the doctor walked out, the tears would be falling in relief. Warnings / tags : crush , fluff , 8th member of bts , roommates, soft yoongi. You opened your eyes and saw your husband looking at your face endearingly. boyfriend snapchats: ↳ seokjin / yoongi / hoseok / namjoon / jimin / taehyung / jungkook hoseok scenarios: give me sunshine. In which Heechul and Y/N deal with a toxic relationship and try to move on after the loss of their first child. genre: straight up angsty smut and bittersweet fleeting moments of fluff. 1 Panic Attacks 8. Word Count: 1581. bts poly pregnant scenarios. moon smut fem!reader +. Warnings- pure fluff . The snow falls soundlessly to the ground, covering the whole area white with its powdery form. Jeon Jungkook. Then he squishes you with a kiss. bts x reader fluff; bts x reader smut; bts x reader; bts pregnancy au; bts pregnancy; Notes. Panic Attacks - Fluff “I’m pregnant” Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader Genre: Fluff, pure and utter fluff Word Count: 1. 2021 Current WIPs — Here Guidelines for Submissions — Here Oneshots None yet Series — 546 Days Without You | ONGOING | boyfriend!Seokjin, older brother!Yoongi, producer/songwriter!MC, military au (ish), idol au (ish) | ☀️ ☄️ Kim Seokjin is your entire Warning: poly relationship {Yoongi x Reader x Namjoon} Enjoy:)-What you really loved about yourself was that you never cared about other’s people opinion. May 26, 2020 · alpha!steve alpha!bucky reader insert omega!reader pregnant reader marvel fanfiction marvel smut a/b/o dynamics avengers a/b/o steve rogers steve x reader steve fic stevefluff bucky barnes bucky x reader bucky fic bucky fluff stucky x reader stucky pregnancy. headcanons. overtime — ceo au | fluff/smut Coming Home - Tanjirou Kamado x Reader. i wish that you would love me. You loved your kids more than anything in the world, and you knew Namjoon did too, and there was no one you’d rather raise them . charity; ˈtʃarɪti/. 20 notes Aug 24th, 2020. Kim Namjoon. ↳ Pairing: J-Hope x fem!reader. Both of them were bts joon bts namjoon namjoon fluff namjoon scenario namjoon smut namjoon x pregnant!reader namjoon x reader namjoon au namjoon layouts namjoon scenarios kinkyshit kinkychicks kinkyaf kinky baby daddy daddysgirl hot daddy. Cheater Suga x Shy Reader. Prompt: “I just need to be alone right now” . list | ko-fi. ღ requested: hello I would like to know if you could write a Reaction in which the boys are talking to the reader’s pregnant belly while they are sleeping and they end up waking up, I would be very grateful !! ღ genre: fluff ღ pairing: male! idol x reader! ღ links: request away | m. Jul 3rd, 2017. ————————————————————. On it, smeared with a red substance, were the words: Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!Dead!Reader. Warnings: None. Older!Deku x Pregnant!Reader: Little Midoriya On The Way~ Note this is mine, I just moved accounts and didn’t have the heart to delete it from the old account. You ended up falling asleep fast in the warm water. bts bts fake texts fake texts bts bts scenario jimin x reader bts jimin bts jimin x reader jimin fake texts bts fake messages jimin x reader fake text jimin x you jimin . lights off, strap on. She appears little and sweet on the outside, but she is in fact very, very strong. Someone tell me. (Fluff) Best Friends. ↳ Genre(s): fluff; angst; idol!BTS x college-student! reader. Soren (pronounced sorr-en)is a male Barn Owl, or Tyto alba, and was the main protagonist of the first six Guardians of Ga'Hoole books and the deuteragonist of the last 9 books, as well as theleader of the Band and creator of the Chaw of Chaws. 2 hours ago · S. . Summary: Jimin takes care of you during pregnancy. 🍂 He’s fascinated by something you do. Dad!Yoongi + Stubborn daughter ★. He wouldn’t know what to do at first, fear coursing through him that something could be wrong with you or the baby. Leading the sisters to go through trials and tribulations . “—you’re gonna be a mommy. Bts x dom male reader wattpad Pairing: Taehyung x f. Substitute Driver: CEO!seokjin x substitute driver!reader; bullet fic; not much genre, slight slight angst //V - Taehyung// The Sea And The . When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. Masterlist. (got7 members make special appearance. BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. Hoseok. Complete. ↳Pairing: Min Yoongi x female reader ↳Genre: Romance (all fluff) ↳Word count: 4. Tags/trigger warnings: mentions of car accidents, moving away, children with injuries, dancing used as a coping mechanism for . The chilly air nips my exposed skin, sending chills down my spine. My heart was hurting too much for this couple. a/n: I’m sorry for being away and not posting for so long! here’s a short drabble for the time pregnancy test - ot7 ↳ a pregnancy test is found in the trash. the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. You never would’ve imagined it when you first told Namjoon you were pregnant, but these quiet moments had become the best part of your day. This is an OT7/YN fic, with a Yoongi/YN focus. Originally posted by myloveseokjin. Warnings: Fluff, gagging and vomit, use of the word daddy (not sexually, partially flirty), fluffy crying, flirty bucky, just happy things established relationship au, non idol au, tooth rotting fluff, no warnings/triggers, extremely sweet and ITS SO SOFT. Kuroo x gn! Reader, reader is AMAB. squip x reader the squip be more chill x reader be more chill bmc fanfiction x reader reader insert SquippedReader writings long post crying anger angst 236 notes Jul 18th, 2017 Open in app Therapy Bot (sort of 1 day ago · Venom X Reader Forced Lemon (Venom x pregnant!mutant!Reader x Eddie Brock) Originally posted by arthurmorganh . You quickly washed your body and hair so you could just relax the rest of the time. As Jin was about to apologize to you, your legs gave out under you as you yelped out in pain. You reach into the cupboard and pull out a cinnamon and raisin bagel, you toast and butter it. . find me on twitter word count: 2. Reactions: Jin: You were heading out of the concert with the guys, since Seok-jin didn’t want you to go out alone in the night, he convinced you to leave with him and the guys in the van. Glee: Kurt x Sebastian: ☁️As Long As You’re Mine. 1) TEXTS. Description: Kakashi happens upon his fiance cheating on him and realizes that he had been missing something all along. (Angst + Comedy + Fluff) In which Y/N and Heechul break up due to the stress of him being an idol, but things change when Y/N debuts and gets an invitation to go on Knowing Brothers. “Okay, let’s start,” he says, looking up in front of the camera and smiling, whilst holding the . masterlist MrssakamataMasterlist daryl dixon x reader johnny depp x reader endeavor x reader carlisle cullen x reader aro volturi x reader caius volturi x reader marcus volturi x reader . Beta: @lpayne612 You saw him waiting by the car, eating a donut, and drinking a Drunken Words are Sober ThoughtsSeokjin x Reader A/N: just pure angst, gender neutral I threw my phone at the wall watching it shatter after leaving yet another message on your phone. 🍂 You make him jealous. if there is something legitimately harmful in a fic, of course it’s okay to approach a writer and point out the issue . Happily Ever After - Hoseok x Taehyung . BTS Masterlist, feel free to send in anything, from smut, to angst, to fluff, reactions, and fanfics/short stories, thanks xx . Long Story | Mafia!BTS x Reader Series Masterpost. ☁️I’ve Got Real Big Plans. “Thanks for dropping by Angle. BTS: Don’t Disturb Me!Taehyung; Shortie!Seokjin; EXO: Best Friend!Baekhyun (part 1, part 2) . On their journey they both find out Hayley is pregnant with the infamous Niklaus Mikaelson’s child. Completed April 17, 2021 Random Potato. He’s still working on it. It hurts so good to know you weren’t enough. exchanges — spiderman au | fluff/smut . mentions of violence, scars, dark past, featuring jungkook from bts, wc- 4K (note- this fic is 1 day ago · Jan 04, 2021 - Read Bon Bon x reader lemon from the story Fnaf x reader lemons and fluff by xXMusic_GeekXx with 1282 reads. 152 notes. ♢ The brothers & MC who’s oblivious and popular 🌺. hopeless hearts — idol/fan/strangers to lovers au | fluff . bts bts ff bts fanfic bts fanfiction wattpad bts wattpad wattpad writer jungkook jungkook fanfic jungkook fluff pregnancy pregnancy fic jungkook fanfiction writing bts writing bts jungkook bts jungkook . But what they don't know is that they will all fall in love with him. Marvel: Peter Parker x Male Reader: ☁️Cuddle Up and Don’t Be Blue. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS THE RESULT OF A WRITING EXERCISE. Bts x dom male reader wattpad I bite my lips to keep quiet he leans down and captures my lips in a duel. Title: ABO (A) Katsuki Bakugo x (O) Reader I’ll kill the Bastard! Summary: You had been sent a courting letter and accept only to be stood up. A group of guys called Monsta x. You missed him greatly, along with your other boyfriend, Hyunjin, so you both decide to FaceTime him to get rid of the longing feeling. You went to the bathroom just to find out you were on your period. list | lebensmüde — pjm; passenger details: tsundere!park jimin x female reader, kim seokjin x trudy (oc). (Jungkook x Reader, light smut/fluff) Some of My Favorite Reblogs. Genre: Romance, Fluff, Slight Angst, Slow-burn, Comedy, SMUT. You were woken up by the rays of sun shining to your face. BTS Smut Kookie A very BUNNY time (NSFW 18++) FanFiction · BTS. Summary: You’re boyfriend, Felix, was in Australia to visit his family for a month. February 20, 2018. Words: 3k. Pairings: BTS x fem!reader. Yuta wouLD HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO ASK. Cheater Jhope x Suicidal Reader. You stop munching, as you walk over to pick up the blue stuffed rabbit. fake texts. Yoongi and BT21 ★. 🍂 When you’re not like most girls. Not now. Summary: Do Bong Soon is a petite, unemployed woman who is honest and kind. Hoseok loved the adventures the two of you found yourselves on to fulfill your cravings. #bts poly #bts ot7 x reader #ot7x reader #bts poly!au #bts fluff #bts imagine #bts fanfic #bts scenario #kim namjoon #kim seokjin # 32. creepypasta x Yoongi - Exhausted. nate diaz ranking 2022 / romeo and juliet who's to blame worksheet . Little does he know that you are his mentor’s niece Y/N Zeppeli. YN barely managed to keep her jaw from dropping at the sight of the boy she last saw about a year ago - face to face . Originally posted by minstrivia. The world, life, time, it Request: - I. • Apparently, Jisoo, Chaeyeon, and Tae Hee didn’t understand that and planned a small baby shower behind your back. This was written for a request – I hope you like it, anon ️. Length: 2. He sees it every day. Taehyung exposes you and Yoongi ★. Even if it came to your, let’s say, strange relationship. ” Deku chuckled behind you, his chest vibrated against your back. request: Hi can I request a seb x reader where they have been married for a couple years and they are trying to conceive a baby but they are having trouble. So here it is, my redemption lmaoo. Pairing: Jungkook x Reader Word Count: 4k+ Summary: Dating the world’s fastest growing boxer meant several things – kissing his wounds at the end of every fight, watching countless boxing matches to study new techniques with him, and worrying like crazy as different men every night tried to bash his face in. Y/N telling BTS they’re pregnant and they thought they wore a condom (Slight NSFW) BTS Reaction To Falling for someone born in 1986; BTS Reaction To Y/N finally debuting in a girl group. Open in app. i don’t like hatred. Let It Out - Angst . I asked my doctor about everything and she told me that there was a very low chance that I could get pregnant but-“ Before you could end your sentence, you felt how your husband wrapped his strong arms around your shaking body, making sure that your head was nuzzled in the crook of his neck as he started stroking your hair. warnings: toxic relationships, objectification of women, exhibitionism, unprotected . Jin. moon general + dating hcs fem!reader. O. I actually am pregnant" + With wide eyes he quickly stands up and gently stands me up too, still holding my hands he says, "Are you being serious?(Spy AU) Kuroo Tetsuroo was one of the . This poor boy would be shaken up so bad thinking of everything that could happen to the two of you.

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